In classes already and getting nowhere?...

There seem to be many organisations springing up and offering ‘drumming lessons’ nowadays, but can you really be sure that you are being taught correctly?

We are different form the crowd...

  • We do not teach you in classes! This approach is proven to have many downfalls, with the main one being that focus is lost on an individual - We only ever teach on a one to one basis, ensuring a dedicated bespoke learning curve which means you can reach your full potential in the fastest time.
  • We do not simply get you to play exercises from a book or ask you to learn songs on your own, with no guidance - We arm you with the skills to become an awesome creative drummer - taking you through everything you need to know, step-by-step.
  • We do not  employ 'pretty good' drummers to teach you - you will be instructed by David Kirby (Bmus), a working professional drummer and teacher with 12 years of experince...more

  • We will give you the confidence to approach all drumming situations with the right techniques, attitude and skill.
  • We will provide you with a complete and comprehensive understanding of drumming.
  • We will realise your full potential and shape you into the very best drummer you can be.


Our philosophy to teaching is simple... 

"We wish to arm every student with the tools to become a creative and complete drummer.”

This philosophy applies whether you are a beginner intermediate, or semi – pro, whether you have ambitions to play at Wembley Stadium or if you just want to jam in your bedroom!

Only at 'The Drum Stable' will you receive the full and comprehensive tuition you will need to succeed.

Learn drumming the correct way...

Rather than simply teach out of a book, we approach the drum set from a ‘real world’ perspective. This means dealing with all aspects of what being today’s modern drummer requires.

Through David’s teachings at university, his own research and development and combined with his experiences as a pro musician, he has put together a teaching pathway aimed at taking the very beginner through all aspects in the art of drumming, right up to a professional level.

What is a complete drummer?

The complete drummer is a musician with a full understanding of all the aspects that await them in the 'real world' of drumming.

There are many factors that go into becoming the complete drummer, here are just a few...

  • Excellent Timing
  • Technique & Feel
  • Musical Styles
  • Concepts
  • Working with Click Tracks
  • Reading (charts and single line)
  • Notation
  • Knowledge of your Instrument
  • Drum Tuning
  • Correct Posture & Physics
  • Recording Techniques

 Plus there are many other areas of performance and issues away from the kit that need to be looked at also...

  • Approaching auditions
  • Working as a band member
  • Professionalism
  • Positive mind set
  • Technology

These and more are what goes in to becoming a great drummer and even though the list may seem scary, all of it is taught in a natural easy way to understand - so do not panic!!

That all sounds a bit heavy - I just want to play for fun?

All the lessons are fun, but have a serious objective – making you the best musician that you can be - regardless of your goals!

I wish to take grades, is that possible with you?

Yes! We also (in conjunction with our own teaching pathway) can take you through the current 'Rockschool' Grades 1 - 8.

I would like to know more?...

Please feel free to contact us to book your introductory lesson and find out more about why we are the only choice if you are serious about the learning drums.